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Ray Hadley accuses government of ‘pussyfooting’ with ‘weak-kneed’ legislation

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Ray Hadley says the government’s draft legislation to protect unborn babies is not good enough.

Ray has repeatedly campaigned for changes to the law because, as it stands, the death of an unborn baby is listed in with the mother’s injuries.

Zoe’s Law is designed to recognise the life of an unborn child killed or harmed in a criminal act but is yet to be legislated.

A NSW draft government legislation has been agreed to by the Cabinet this week, including making the death of an unborn child an “aggravating factor” to crim­inal acts.

In the case of dangerous driving causing grievous bod­ily harm, the maximum penalty would be raised from seven to 10 years.

“The latest incantation put forward by Mark Speakman, in my opinion, is weak-kneed, half baked,” Ray Hadley said.

“It’s a piece of legislation that gives no comfort to those who’ve lost unborn children via horrendous acts of violence.

“They’ve pussyfooted around this issue, this government!

“It’s indecent in the extreme that they should insult the memory of those poor children in the way that they are doing it today.”

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