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Ramped up new security measures for holiday shoppers

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Boxing Day shoppers can expect to see strict new security measures around the CBD in an attempt to keep crowds safe.

Similar measures have taken place in Brisbane where security bollards have been put up around shopping centres.

Sydney shoppers were faced with a ring of steel, with four trucks, two cranes and more than 60 bollards blocking off Market, George, Elizabeth and Castlereagh streets.

Ross Greenwood speaks with NSW Assistant Commissioner Mark Walton to determine if the response is too much.

“This is an escalation of what we’ve always done around the city and it’s a response to try and protect people in crowded places.

“It’s down to the landholders or event organisers. It’s not the police that actually put these measures in play.”

As to whether or not these measures should become permanent, Mr Walton says permanent structures are required in Sydney.

“We would be negligent not to look at our days when we do have a lot of people loaded in these areas and put some treatments in.

“You’ve only got to look international and down in Melbourne to know people are vulnerable.”

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