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Raise a glass for our COVID-19 heroes

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All around the world people are discovering ways to say thank you to essential workers at the coalface of the COVID-19 outbreak.

A campaign that has taken off in New Zealand is the ‘Raise a Glass’ initiative. Every Friday at 5.10pm people are encouraged to raise a glass to say thanks to all essential workers, including nurses, doctors, teachers, supermarket employees, and truck drivers.

Earlier this week Ben Fordham spoke with fellow broadcaster Ryan Bridge at Magic Talk in New Zealand to discuss how their country is handling the outbreak, and Ryan challenged Ben to get behind the idea.

Ryan joined Ben Fordham Live on Friday to follow through with the campaign idea.

“I spoke to a nurse this week who has young kids at home, they were worried about bringing COVID-19 back into their homes from the hospitals, these are the kind of things they’re dealing with,” Ryan tells Ben.

“I just thought if we could have them coming home from a shift maybe and driving down their street and seeing everyone out there giving them a cheers and a toast… how cool would that be.”

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