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Rail fail: Metro boss explains why trains shut down… AGAIN

The brand new Sydney Metro service was out of order once again this morning, leaving commuters stranded.

“Services are not running in both directions between Chatswood and Tallawong due to a technical issue at Tallawong,” said Sydney Metro’s social media account.

The first alert was put out just before 6am, with replacement buses being rolled out half an hour later.

Listener Andrew called in to tell Ray Hadley he was forced to go home after being left stranded.

“At Chatswood, we were diverted to emergency buses because the Metro was down and I waited with a group of about 150 people and the buses never arrived.”

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The new rail service has experienced constant issues since opening on May 26.

Shadow Minister for Transport Chris Minns tells Ray the “chronic spate” of technical difficulties is unacceptable.

“The government should provide the people of NSW with some answers.

“When you put billions and billions of dollars worth of taxpayers’ money into this, I think there’s an expectation that this infrastructure should be able to work.”

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A replacement bus driver, who was called up at 4.25am to drive the Metro route, rang in to tell Ray none of the bus drivers are given any training.

“None of us actually know where we’re going… I got a customer to help me direct where I was going.

“I’m embarrassed as a bus driver. I’m trying to do my best.

“Maybe that should be part of the nine billion dollars that they’ve spent on this damn thing, to show us exactly what they want us to do when this does occur.”

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Services started resuming again after 7am.

Chief Executive of Sydney Metro Jon Lamonte tells Ray the issue was caused by a system fault.

“It wasn’t until a technician came in and was able to identify what the problem was, reboot the system, that we got trains up and running.

“We’ve had these few incidents… that have been poor. We’ve got to do better.”

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Human error leaves passengers stuck as Metro grinds to a halt

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