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RADIO EXCLUSIVE | Craig McLachlan’s partner speaks out

Image: Tim Hunter – The Sunday Telegraph

The long-term partner of actor Craig McLachlan says they’re determined to clear his name, after he was accused of harassment and assault on the set of The Rocky Horror Show.

Fairfax and the ABC aired complaints from cast members of the 2014 production.

McLachlan’s long-term partner, orchestra conductor Vanessa Scammell, tells Steve Price the actor hasn’t been given a fair go.

“We basically are determined and will do everything we can to move through this and clear his name. For everyone to realise that the person who is Craig McLachlan is not the person who has been painted.

“Craig McLachlan is not that person. He’s kind and gentle and funny… yes he’s mischievous.

“But one of his greatest assets is that he loves to make people happy and comfortable.”

Vanessa admits Craig has been rocked by the allegations.

“Apart from the initial grappling with the shock and disbelief of what occurred…

“Craig often describes it as like when you throw a stone in a pond, the ripple effect.

“He talks about an atom bomb being thrown in a pond and the after-effects are still rippling for family and friends and supporters.”

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