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Queensland wins race for Army’s $5 billion combat vehicle spend

Queensland has won the race to build $5-billion worth of armoured vehicles, taking out Victoria who was putting up a fight for the contract.

It’s part of the country’s largest army purchase.

German contractor Rheinmetall will build the 211 light armoured vehicles at a new facility in Ipswich, south-west of Brisbane.

The Federal Government believes it will bring over 300 jobs to the state, along with over 150 in both New South Wales and Queensland.

But Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews has teed off at Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Steve Price speaks with Ipswich Mayor, Andrew Antoniolli who says the win creates “an opportunity to build upon its existing defence industry”.

“I can tell you the whole community was buoyant yesterday… Ipswich is returning to its strength in manufacturing.

He tells Steve he expects operation will commence in 2020, with development plans to begin in July.

“I imagine they’ll be breaking ground probably in about three to four months time.”

Mr Antoniolli sent a message to Victoria, saying the decision is in the best interest of our soldiers.

“At the end the day this is about the soldiers. It’s about their safety, it’s about their protection. It’s about getting them homes to their families.”

Image: Department of Defence