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Qantas urged to take safety ‘more seriously’ after failing to check planes for cracks

Qantas has been slammed for refusing to check all their Boeing 737 aircraft for cracks.

Australia’s national carrier yesterday discovered cracks had appeared on the ‘pickle fork’ on up to two of the aircraft.

There are now growing calls for the entire fleet to be grounded, but Qantas is only checking planes that have flown 22,000 flights. That’s 33 of 75 Boeing 737 aircraft.

Secretary of the Australian Licenced Aircraft Engineers Association Steve Purvinas tells Ross Greenwood if these cracks develop it could lead to a loss of control of the aircraft.

“I think Qantas should be taking this more seriously than they are.

“We say they should check all their aircraft because it’s a little bit unclear when these cracks are actually starting to develop.

“Qantas will say that safety will be their number one priority, but I can tell you now Ross, they are just words. 

“They’ve got to put their words into action… they have not done that today.”

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But Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesperson Peter Gibson says he doesn’t agree all the aircraft should be grounded while they’re inspected.

“The Federal Aviation Administration in the United States certainly hasn’t suggested anybody should do that. 

“The evidence is the cracks are appearing in aircraft with relatively higher numbers of cycles. 

“It would be an overreaction to ground the whole fleet.”

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Image: James D. Morgan/Getty Images for Qantas