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Qantas farewells ‘the plane that democratised flying’

Sydneysiders who looked skywards this morning might’ve caught a glimpse of one of the Qantas Boeing 747’s last voyages.

After 50 years of service, Qantas’ fleet of 747s will be retired, earlier than expected due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the airline industry.

Captain Mike Galvin piloted the farewell flight over Sydney Harbour.

He told Jim Wilson “it’s the end of an era”, as the industry moves away from four-engine planes to more efficient two-engine ones.

“I viewed today as a day of pride: a day to celebrate the beautiful aeroplane that I’ve known to love and enjoy flying.

“It’s the aeroplane that democratised flying … it made flying available and accessible to a large number of people.”

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Image: Nine News