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‘Push further and push harder’: Super tees for sick kids

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Two men have set out to help sick children in hospital with their very own superhero outfits with special powers.

The Supertee superhero outfits are X-ray and MRI friendly with press studs on the side so nurses can do their checks without undressing the child every time.

The t-shirts can be purchased on behalf of a child in hospital that will have the shirt handed out to them.

Co-creator Yusuf Muklis tells Ben Fordham the child wearing the shirt takes on that persona.

“If a child is role-playing as something else, for example, a superhero, they will actually push further and push harder.”

Creator Jason Sotiris was inspired by watching his daughter when she was in hospital.

“When you see your child go through something tough like cancer… it’s something that never leaves you.

“To be able to go around to the hospitals and be able to do something for a change, there’s no greater award.”

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