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Public transport restrictions flouted as people return to work

As restrictions start to ease and people head back to work, public transport restrictions in NSW have left many confused.

The NSW government has limited the number of people on buses to 12 and train carriages to 32 in order to adhere to physical distancing.

It remains unclear how this is to be policed, with the government openly admitting there are no fines and no way to enforce these limits.

A video sent to Ray Hadley from the Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) shows over 40 people boarding a bus and flouting restrictions.

Secretary of the Tram and Bus division of the RTBU David Babineau told Ray the situation is frustrating.

“The driver’s in the situation where he can certainly sit there and say that’s enough, that’s enough, but these are people that need to get to their jobs.

“The frustrating thing is we actually put this to the government six weeks ago as something you could potentially train people to do.

“By now you would have ironed out all the kinks and the general public would be on board, they’d know what’s going on.

“There’s no leadership from the government in terms of how this is supposed to happen, it’s up to the general public and bus and train and ferry operators to work it out amongst themselves.”

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NSW Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance defended the government’s approach to Ray.

“The instruction went out to the drivers, they’re not to be COVID cops, but at the same time, we’re trying to space people out so people don’t get sick.

“There’s got to be a degree of responsibility on everybody, including commuters so that we don’t see a second wave.

“We’re going to keep monitoring this week by week. We’ve put some guidance there, it’s not a hard and fast public health order.”

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