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Public transport problems identified on first full-time school day

Pressure on the already-swollen public transport network is rising as students and workers struggle to share services while social distancing.

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance has been adamant no student would be left on the roadside in their first week back at school full-time, urging adult commuters to prioritise schoolchildren.

He told Mark Levy the number of students who would normally use public transport halved this morning, as many parents opted to drop their kids off by car.

Today’s school commute functioned as a trial run for Transport NSW to identify problem areas, he said.

“We’re going to put some additional services on where we know some of the buses have been a little bit crowded, places like Green Square and Blacktown.

“The main thing that people can do is … use their trip planning apps.

“They can actually see how the services have gone in terms of the loadings, then make a decision the next day to reset their timing.”

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