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Prue MacSween throws support behind Senator Molan

Smithy’s All-Star Prue MacSween has thrown her support behind Senator Jim Molan following the disgraceful comments made by Greens MP Adam Bandt.

Prue MacSween has labelled Mr Bandt a weasel and has called him out on his apology.

“There’s absolutely no contrition in that… I won’t even call it an apology.

“It was a weasel way to try and worm his way out of getting sued.

“If he needs crowdfunding, I’m the first one to throw some money at him.”

She tells Chris Smith Senator Molan is courageous, and should not be underestimated.

“Now, we have with Jim Molan’s appointed, a brave, courageous and very experienced warrior ready to get into the trenches and attack the stupidity of people like the Greens.

“They have underestimated his bravery and resiliency.

“I’m happy to get in the trenches with Molan, Abbott and Dutton.”

Listen to the full interview below