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Principals insist school suspensions can’t be scrapped

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Principals are rejecting calls for schools to stop suspending misbehaving students.

Some groups have claimed suspending kids simply demotivates them and creates a cycle of disadvantage.

But the President of the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council Chris Presland says suspension is a vital tool that shelters good students from those who are violent and disruptive.

“I don’t accept the view that principals just suspend willy-nilly, it just doesn’t happen that way in schools.

“The main thing is about trying to buy some time to enable the school to actually get together a strategy or to collect some resources to help a student.”

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But one father, Graham, rang in to tell Ben Fordham his son has been suspended many times and his behaviour has never improved.

“Between the years year 3 and year 6 in primary school, he was suspended 38 times.

“The kid just sits around and plays Xbox, PlayStation, and hangs around the skate park and no one can stop him.”

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