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Prime Minister: The Greens are ‘beyond a parody of themselves’

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has slammed the Greens for wanting to lower the national flag to half mast on Australia Day, saying they’re a “parody of themselves.”

Mr Turnbull tells Chris Kenny the majority of Australians want to celebrate the national day on January 26.

“They want to fly the Australian flag at half mast on our national day. I mean, really?

“Australia Day is a day on which the overwhelming majority of Australians… are proud of Australia and its achievements.”

The Prime Minister says Bill Shorten’s position on changing the date will be a test of his leadership.

“He says that he supports Australia Day on the 26th of January. Well, when’s he going to demonstrate that? When is he going to ensure that his party backs him on this issue?”

Mr Turnbull also commented on the rising road toll, saying Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is making the “ongoing tragedy” a priority.

“The increase in road accidents over the holiday period is a matter of the gravest concern.

“The critical thing is we’ve seen the death toll coming down and now it’s coming up again and the question is why.

“We are going to need to examine this very, very carefully.”

Mr Turnbull also commented on Victoria’s African gang crisis, the pressure on Australia’s energy grids and North Korea.

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