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Prime Minister blamed for China’s wine import probe

The Chinese government’s anti-dumping investigation into Australian wine imports is being viewed as another act of vengeance amid escalating tensions.

Shadow agriculture minister Joel Fitzgibbbon told Deborah Knight it is “absolutely not” a stretch to blame the Prime Minister for the accusations leveled at Aussie wine producers.

The investigation, he argued, is another case of retribution from the Chinese government following Australia’s push for an international COVID-19 inquiry.

“I represent barley growers, beef producers, … and of course those involved in the coal mining industry who have all been either affected, or could soon be affected, by retaliation.

“When, Deb, can you ever remember an Australian government in which its ministers have no dialogue, no cooperation with their counterparts in China?

“That is a terrible place to find ourselves with our major trading partner.”

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Image: Getty, Nine News