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Prime Minister backs calls to make testing in Victoria compulsory

With more than 10,000 Victorians reportedly refusing to be tested for COVID-19, many are urging the state government to make testing mandatory.

Jim Wilson asked Prime Minister Scott Morrison whether he supported such a move.

“Surely there needs to be legislation in the Victorian parliament. If they don’t agree to be tested, there has to be penalties.”

Whilst the Prime Minister agreed with the premise, he conceded it’s “really a matter for the Victorians”.

“My preference is that people do the right thing, Jim. There is a health pandemic here.

“We’ve also put in place less invasive testing using saliva testing down there.

“That is particularly helpful if you’re dealing with young kids, the elderly, people with disabilities for which the nasal and throat test can be quite invasive.

“I think it’s a pretty reasonable thing for the government to ask people to do, and people should comply.”

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