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Prestigious private school sees huge benefits in mobile phone ban

One of the country’s most prestigious private schools has banned mobile phones during school hours.

The King’s School, in Sydney’s north-west, says students from years 7 to 10 are thriving after the ban was implemented earlier this year.

Under the policy, students aren’t allowed to use their phones at all during school hours. If teachers see a phone, it’s confiscated for the day.

The King’s School headmaster Tony George tells Steve Price he’s seen huge differences in the kids after implementing the ban.

“The motivation behind all of this, as you’ll appreciate, is technology is becoming so pervasive in our lives, and what we’re about fundamentally in education is growing a quality of humanity.

“We’re trying to slow school movement to try and create a bit of space for our boys to look each other in the eye, to be able to have conversations, to be able to develop in their social and human competencies.

“The more we can actually create space for our boys and our staff and our families to actually walk away from the menace of social media, I think we’re all better for it.”

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NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell tells Ben Fordham the government is currently in the process of banning phones in primary schools, but when it comes to public high schools the rules are at the discretion of the principal.

“I certainly think there are benefits towards restricting the use in secondary school.

“Seeing it in some of the private schools is great and I’m sure we’ll see it in more public schools across the state as well and I support that.”

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