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Premier rejects elimination strategy to avoid total lockdown ‘at all costs’

More restrictions will return in NSW, but Premier Gladys Berejiklian is committed to avoiding a Victoria-style lockdown.

Australia’s suppression strategy has come under fire from some health experts, who believe an elimination strategy would be more effective in the long term.

Ms Berejiklian told Jim Wilson she has no intention of shifting strategies, and she’s seeking other opportunities to control the spread instead.

“I hope we never, ever have to go into complete lockdown in New South Wales.

“The community should expect that there’ll be further restrictions, but they shouldn’t expect – unless something changes substantially – that we will need to go down into a complete lockdown.”

“Business continuity”, she said, is a cornerstone of her economic recovery plan for the state.

“It would be a horrible situation for NSW if every time we had an outbreak we shut everything down, then reopened everything, then shut everything down.

“Every time you do that there’s a percentage of businesses and jobs that never comes back.

“We want to avoid that at all costs.”

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