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Premier open to amending lockout laws

Premier Gladys Berejiklian is “open to suggestions” after ordering a review of the controversial lockout laws.

A cross-party parliamentary committee will be set up by the state government to meet with venue owners and operators to discuss how to revive Sydney’s nightlife.

The laws were introduced in 2014 after two teenagers died due to alcohol-fuelled violence.

The Premier maintains the laws are effective, resulting in a decline of the number of violent assaults in the CBD.

But Ms Berejiklian recognises the laws are controversial and tells Ben Fordham she’s open to suggestions.

“There are many in the community with very strong views on this, but the facts are since the laws have been in place they’ve served their purpose.

“Some people argue the laws have gone too far, others have said we’ve got to keep them where they are to keep the community safe.”

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