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Powerful new senate bloc ‘working really well’, says Cory Bernardi

A powerful new bloc is forming in the Senate that could have a huge impact on government legislation.

Three different senators from three different parties have formed an alliance, with potential new recruit Brian Burston tipped to join the group after falling out with One Nation.

The group already includes Conservatives Senator Cory Bernardi, Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm and Katter’s Australian Party’s Fraser Anning.

Senator Bernardi joins Chris Smith and explains how the alliance started.

“[David said] Why don’t we get together, we share our ideas, our thoughts, our own agenda… and it actually worked really, really well.”

Mr Bernardi says, while they don’t agree on everything, they don’t let differences get in the way.

“One of the beautiful things is that when you say ‘I’m sorry I can’t go along with that initiative,’ there’s mutual respect and they say ‘ok that’s fine’, there’s no anger.”

Company tax cuts is expected to be the first piece of legislation they put their weight behind.

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