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Police keeping blacklist of repeat juvenile offenders

Information has been revealed about a ‘blacklist’ of repeat juvenile offenders NSW Police are keeping track of.

The blacklist, known as the Suspect Target Management Plan, is used by police to monitor children they consider to be at a high risk of reoffending.

It allows officers to search them on demand and knock on their parents’ door to make sure they’re home.

Details of the list have been obtained by The Daily Telegraph, revealing 392 children have been watched closely by police within the last two years.

There are currently 50 kids on the list, including a nine-year-old.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller tells Luke Grant the list helps police stay on the front foot when it comes to juvenile crime.

“People sort of question why would you have such young people being monitored by police.

“Unfortunately we have young people under the age of 14 who are accused of rapes, sexual assaults, robberies with weapons.

“I’ve got to protect eight million people, you need to take these type of matters seriously.”

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