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Police Commissioner’s son charged with drink driving on a suspended licence

Macquarie National News

The son of NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has been arrested and charged after drink driving on a suspended provisional licence.

20-year-old Jacob Fuller allegedly blew .031 after he was pulled over for a random breath test at Waterfall just before 3am on Sunday.

The amount is equivalent to about one beer but P-Platers are prohibited from having any alcohol in their system.

Fuller will face Sutherland Local Court on October 17.

The Commissioner is currently in Israel attending a policing conference and is yet to comment.

Ray Hadley says the arrest shows “the system of justice is working” but has offered his support to the Commissioner and his wife.

“It’s a highly embarrassing thing for the Commissioner to contend but it means the system of justice is working, in that a son of a police commissioner has been stopped by the commissioner’s own officers and faces charges over his conduct.

“It will be a difficult time for Mick and his family. I hope things can be sorted out on behalf of the young bloke who’s made a grave error of judgement and will be dealt with by the courts.”

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