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Police Commissioner says strip search powers are here to stay

The Police Commissioner says he won’t be changing strip search powers after calls from legal advocates to change searches conducted on minors.

Redfern Legal Centre says nearly 300 minors have been strip searched over the past three years with the youngest aged 10.

Reports suggest it can trigger trauma for victims of abuse but the Police Commissioner says officers are mindful when conducting searches.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller tells Ben Fordham strip searches are necessary for fighting crime.

“We do everything we can to minimise the stress on people.

“Just because someone is 10-years-old, unfortunately, we are still finding children of that age with knives and other weapons and drugs on them.

“We know that condoms and water balloons, we’re seeing up to 1000 of those discarded that people have used to secrete drug inside their bodies to get them into the dance parties.”

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