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Which of these 5 events will end the universe?

From ‘Alien Apocalypse’ conspiracies to die-hard ‘Doomsday’ believers, we’ve always looked for answers to life’s big, existential questions.

When it comes to the collapse of the cosmos, many wonder what may happen – could the universe implode, rip apart or potentially explode into nothingness?

According to theoretical astrophysicist and cosmologist, Katie Mack, we’re looking at five possible finales: the Big Crunch, Heat Death, Vacuum Decay, the Big Rip and the Bounce.

They may sound like the names of superheroes or amusement park rides, but these possible world-endings draw on cutting-edge technologies and emerging theories explored in her novel, ‘The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking)’.

The book provides an eye-opening and surprisingly upbeat look into the ways the world may end, all to the credit of author, Katie Mack, who joins John Stanley to shed some light on ‘dark matter’.

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