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Electric car sales in the news- still only 0.6 per cent of the overall market but set too grow..

The Electric Vehicle Council last week was quick to suggest that with EV’s growing last year by 209 per cent to not quite 7,000 units the Government should be doing more with incentives to support them.  However, the market is still driven by early adopters rather than mainstream buyers – electric cars still representing just 0.6 percent of the total market. Any Government support should not come at the expense of the current non-EV market that contributes to road infrastructure through the petrol excise.

The world EV market last year contracted by 20 percent, the one bright spot being Tesla, at last hitting  its straps, with sales of its smaller Model 3 surging in the third quarter, with the company turning its first profit, its stock price at near record levels. It seems Elon Musk can finally answer his critics – Tesla just completing a factory in China with another underway near Berlin, its growth in sales assured.

I’m David Berthon

Factory shot of Tesla’s new Chinese Gigafactory.

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