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‘PM should pull his head in’: Should the smoko be banned?

There is a push to ban workers from taking smoking breaks.

It comes in a bid to make the workplace more productive after research from Monash University suggests the smoko could cost the economy $388 billion over 45 years.

In light of the study, Cancer Council Queensland is demanding smoking be banned at work.

Even the Prime Minister says bosses are “entitled to say ‘I’m paying you to work not to smoke'”.

One man who disagrees is Transport Workers Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon.

He tells Ben Fordham smoke breaks are “where people have a mental break from doing their work during the day” and having a rest is necessary.

“I can’t see the smoko break changing even if it’s outlawed. People are going to have a break one way or another.

“It’s good for companies, it’s good for business, it’s good for productivity.

“The PM should pull his head in.”

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