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PM Malcolm Turnbull won’t cave to Derryn Hinch’s demands

For the first time in recent memory, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has made an appearance at the 2GB studios.

First off, Mr Turnbull insisted his government won’t cave to Senator Derryn Hinch’s company tax ultimatum.

The independent Senator is willing to support the cuts if Australia’s big four banks are excluded.

Mr Turnbull tells Ben Fordham the big four won’t be exempt and have been hit hard already by a major bank levy.

“The company tax rate should be uniform across all businesses.

“What we say to Derryn is that we have already raised a lot of money from the big banks.

“What we need is we need that reduction in company tax across the board.”

The Prime Minister also tells Ben the Russian government is denying the victims of flight MH17 the justice they deserve.

Nearly four years ago, 38 Australians were killed on flight MH17 and those responsible still haven’t been held to account.

Mr Turnbull tells Ben Fordham they’re doing everything they can to help the victims’ families.

“Their justice is being denied by the Russian government, that’s the reality.

“What we’re doing is we are working with the Dutch who are going to conduct a prosecution, we’re helping them.”

The PM also refused to guarantee cuts to Australia’s immigration intake saying it currently strikes the right balance.

“We bring in people where the skills are in short supply… we’ve tightened it up but I can assure you that every aspect of our migration policy is run in our national interest.”

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The interview didn’t start so well with Defence Minister Marise Payne calling the PM while he was live on air, with his phone switched on loud.