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PM dodges drought responsibility: ‘The Morrison Government won’t be forgiven for this betrayal’

Alan Jones says the Prime Minister “won’t be forgiven” for betraying rural Australia after dodging responsibility for the drought in parliament yesterday.

While answering a question from the Opposition Leader, Scott Morrison claimed a 2018 agreement with the states made them responsible for certain drought responses.

“The first of those components is to ensure direct financial support and assistance, as is the responsibility of the Commonwealth under the National Drought Agreement which was revised and updated after the Drought Summit, which made it very clear it’s the Commonwealth’s responsibility to look after the income support and other financial assistance to farm households and those communities.

“Issues such as fodder subsidies and freight subsidies and the direct care of animals and others involved in the welfare of the farms themselves is the responsibility of the States and Territories.”

– Prime Minister Scott Morrison, October 21st 

Alan says the PM has “abandoned” farmers in a bid to keep his promised budget surplus.

“We do have a crisis in this country. It’s not a drought crisis, it’s a crisis in government.

“We have a drought of empathy, a drought of understanding, a drought of compassion, a drought of decency, a drought of sensitivity and a drought of care.

“And that drought has overtaken the federal government.”

Alan has warned this will be the undoing of the Morrison government.

“It is signing a death warrant for rural Australia and perhaps a death warrant for itself.

“Because the Morrison Government won’t be forgiven for this betrayal.”

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Image: Getty/Lisa Maree Williams