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PM backs Billy Slater for Player of the Series, cops both barrels from Mark Levy

Malcolm Turnbull has weighed in on last night’s State of Origin and his comments have left Mark Levy fuming.

Maroons star Billy Slater was named Player of the Series, with most in rugby league believing it was a retirement gift.

Slater didn’t play in Game One, was on the losing team for Game Two before having an outstanding swan song in Game Three.

Going against public opinion, the PM backed Billy Slater for Player of the Series, telling ABC Radio Brisbane it was deserved.

“The right result according to all Queenslanders and no doubt a few voters in Longman as well, which we’ll get to in a moment.
But just briefly -“

“Look, congratulations to New South Wales on winning the Origin Series. But, as a New South Welshman, I have to say Queensland dominated that game and deserved to win, as did Slater deserve to be man of the series.”

“Yes we did and yes he did.”

It’s safe to say Mark Levy disagrees with Mr Turnbull…

In a heated spray Mark questions whether the PM has any idea about rugby league and whether he could get more out of touch with the Australian public.

“What the hell would he know? Has he ever owned a pair of footy boots in his life? Sitting up in his private box watching it all unfold.

“You’ve got no idea Malcolm! He’s out of touch.

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