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Plane Crash survivors tell their remarkable story

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Two brave plane crash victims are holding a fundraiser to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their survival.

Lucinda Abood and Melanie Orr are bringing back their Black Thai fundraisers in the form of a cocktail party with Ben Fordham as the MC.

In 1988 they were on a flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani when 101 people died after their plane crashed into a swamp. They were two of 45 people to survive.

Lucinda tells Ben she was stuck in the burning plane until Melanie regained consciousness.

“I could see the wreckage burning. I could see the water and I could see the flames and Mel wasn’t responding at all at that stage.

“That’s the longest piece for me, when I was yelling at her and she wasn’t responding.”

Ben is asking listeners to donate prizes he could auction off on the night to raise money for charity Mummies Paying it Forward.

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