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Peter Dutton says Bill Shorten has questions to answer over Chinese billionaire

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton is adamant he did nothing wrong in meeting a Chinese billionaire with links to the Communist Party.

Huang Xiangmo paid lobbyists tens of thousands of dollars to arrange the 2016 meeting.

Mr Dutton says he had a brief lunch with the businessman but insists he didn’t receive any donations and has never met him again.

Malcolm Turnbull and Labor have used the revelations to attack the minister’s integrity, but Mr Dutton says Bill Shorten is the one who has questions to answer.

He tells Ray Hadley, the Labor leader continued a relationship with Huang Xiangmo despite being fully aware of his connections to the Chinese government.

“I hadn’t had any security briefings in relation to that individual, whereas Mr Shorten had.

“And yet he still made the decision to go and ask this person for money and went to the wedding of his daughter.

“So, Bill Shorten had a convenient memory loss.”

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