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Peter Dutton: ‘It’ll be a very dark day’ if Shorten is elected

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has been all over the headlines, with calls for him to resign following the revelation of his affair with former-staffer Vikki Campion.

Ray Hadley speaks with Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton.

“We’ve had a week of nothing but Barnaby Joyce. We’ve got Susan Lamb sitting there illegally in parliament, and not a thing is said or done about it,” says Ray.

Minister Dutton says the issue is not going to go away.

“Barnaby’s in his own words said he’s made a mistake.

“That issue is unfolding. It’s not going to go away.

“The fact is, [Susan Lamb] has a sad sorry story to tell, but she is clearly in breach of the law.

“And the last thing we want to see is Bill Shorten as the Prime Minister of our country.

“It’ll be a very dark day.”

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