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Peter Dutton accuses Facebook of ‘protecting paedophiles’

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has called out Facebook for its “unacceptable” approach to child exploitation material on their platform.

A poll has found three-quarters of people want social media companies to do more to remove harmful material from their platforms.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton told Ray Hadley changes to Facebook’s Messenger service could help child abusers avoid police detection.

“There are kids that have been rescued from homes that are being abused, kids that have gone missing that have been located because of the information that Facebook has been able to provide.

“But now they’re going to join the other applications like Snapchat and Twitter and not provide that information to the police.

“These are the companies who provide us with a lecture on all sorts of moral issues … but somehow they can justify that it’s okay to operate their business where they’re giving cover and protection to paedophiles.

“It’s unacceptable and they need to change their behaviour.”

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