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Peter Beattie backs Matthew Lodge’s second chance

Chairman of the Australian Rugby League Commission Peter Beattie has backed the decision to give disgraced NRL player Matthew Lodge a second chance.

In 2015, Matthew Lodge violently attacked a couple in New York and has been ordered to pay over $1.5 million to his victims. He is yet to start compensating them.

With the season kicking off today, Mr Beattie tells Chris Smith if Matthew Lodge isn’t working he can’t pay compensation.

“Noone for one minute is moving away from the seriousness of what he did.  These things are really difficult decisions to make.

“The reality is, if he’s not working he can’t pay compensation. If he’s back playing the game he’s got a greater opportunity to compensate that family that was involved.”

Mr Beattie says he thinks Matthew Lodge should be given a second chance.

“He’s off alcohol, he’s going through all those programs.

“He’s been given a second chance and I just hope he doesn’t stuff it up.”

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