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Peta Credlin visits India to see the impact of coal-fired power on poverty

Image: Sky News

Peta Credlin has reflected on her time in India, where she saw first-hand the impact electricity access has on those living in extreme poverty.

The political commentator returned today from a trip to India, where she interviewed Adani chairman Gautam Adani about the ongoing delays to the Carmichael project.

She tells Chris Smith she spent time visiting vulnerable communities who will benefit from the coal produced at the Queensland mine if it’s approved.

She says she met a young mother whose life was changed when her home was connected to electricity.

Her little boy used to have to study under a street lamp that only ran for four hours a night, but now he has a much better chance of getting an education.

“She feels safe for the first time in her life,” says Peta, “as safe as she does in the daylight. She has a little five-year-old boy.

“She’s saving up for a TV. She couldn’t be more proud to have joined the 21st century.”

“This is where I don’t understand the left, because it’s a lower emissions product to burn our coal, it’s the moral argument of poverty alleviation, and of course it’s economic development.

“The rest of the world laughs at the handful of countries that tie themselves up in political knots over the issue of energy like we have for the past decade.”

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