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‘People have had a gutful’, Alan slams proposed marine park lockout

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Earlier this month NSW Government announced plans to create 25 biodiversity marine parks along the stretch of coastline between Newcastle and Wollongong.

And businesses which rely on recreational fishing to survive are concerned.

The state government proposal, which would lock fishers out of those zones, is open to public consultation for six weeks.

“It’s a snapshot of what is happening right across Australia, government in every aspect of our lives,” says Alan Jones.

“And people have had a gutful.

“Recreational anglers will be locked out. This is a critical issue.”

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Shimano Australia managing director Colin Tannahill tells Alan ‘fishing’ isn’t high on the list of risks to the marine areas, and shouldn’t be banned.

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“We’re going to be locked out, Alan. Without any reason for that to happen.

“It’s got to be purely environmental Alan, that’s the only reason I can give you.

“There’s no reason from a fishing point of view.”

“Fishermen and women are like farmers. They protect that environment because they know if they don’t, they’ll be no fish the next time they go,” says Alan.