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PC brigade reaches NSW Treasury: Dominic Perrottet admits it’s time ‘to get real’

The NSW Treasurer is labelling an email to staff about using inclusive terms as “completely unacceptable”.

NSW Treasury’s Economic Strategy Deputy Secretary Joann Wilkie sent an official message to all staff saying they need to “create a safe space” in the workplace.

This would include avoiding mentioning “husbands” or “wives” for fear of offence and to not assume colleagues are heterosexual, cisgendered or endosex.

“Good grief!” Ben Fordham said.

Treasurer Dominic Perrottet told Ben Fordham he will speak with the Treasury secretary to ensure staff can refer to their spouses however they like.

“We can’t have people get rid of their own identities for other peoples inclusion.

“We wouldn’t have Father’s Day if we keep going down this path!

“We’ve just got to get real here.”

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