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PC brigade gets Fireman Sam axed for not being ‘inclusive’

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Fireman Sam has been axed as the mascot of an English fire brigade after it was deemed he wasn’t inclusive enough.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service have axed the 30-year-old iconic cartoon character as their mascot over fears he’s ‘too male’ and discourages women from joining up.

Ben Fordham says he’s completely over this madness.

“The war on men has gone just that step too far.

“Maybe the PC movement will only rest when men are extinct.”

But Creative Director of Campaign Edge Dee Madigan says it’s an important step to encouraging more women to pursue a typically male-dominated career.

“If you grow up as a kid wanting to be something, you never want to be something that you haven’t identified with. And you tend to identify with things that are your own gender.”

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Image: Getty/Tim Graham