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Pauline Hanson stubby holders instigate fury over AusPost double standard

The leadership of Australia Post is being accused of using the postal service for political gain.

The Sydney Morning Herald today reported Australia Post chief executive Christine Holgate demanded packages of One Nation branded stubby holders be urgently delivered to residents of a locked-down public housing tower in Melbourne, after they were intercepted by police.

Postal services union CEPU’s National Secretary Greg Rayner told Jim Wilson he doesn’t believe the timing is a coincidence, calling the fiasco a “grubby attempt to garner support in Canberra”.

“It’s outrageous to us Jim, because Australia Post is there primarily there to provide a community service obligation.

“We all should be getting the same service: not a Pauline Hanson service, and then a second-rate service.

“Parcels that should be getting delivered in three or four days are taking three or four weeks, and it’s just not good enough.”

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Image: Pauline Hanson’s One Nation