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Pauline Hanson slams new migration proposal as ‘load of rubbish’

One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson has come out swinging at the government as the state Premier wants to cut migration.

Premier Gladys Berijikilann wants to halve the number of overseas migrants entering her state.

She believes state and territory leaders deserve a seat at the table when the federal government draws up population policy.

But Senator Hanson, who has consistently sounded her concerns on immigration, tells Ben Fordham her critics are only “jumping on the bandwagon” now.

She says the federal government’s push to shift migrants into regional and rural areas “is a load of rubbish”.

“You’ve six to seven thousand multimillionaires that come into this country a year on visas. Are they going to tell them where to go and live?

“Will they go to rural and regional areas? No way!

“If we can’t get Australians to go out to rural and regional areas, how on earth are we going to get the migrants that come in here?”

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