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Pauline Hanson slams Foreign Minister’s handling of taxpayer donations

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has slammed a decision by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to donate $90 million of taxpayers’ money to a global education fund.

The Global Partnership for Education, chaired by former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, received a $90 million donation from Minister Bishop after a tweet from the organisation’s ambassador, pop-star Rihanna.

Senator Hanson tells Ben Fordham she has written to the Foreign Minister for an explanation.

This follows a $30 million donation to Oxfam who is accused of allegedly paying survivors of the 2010 Haiti earthquake for sex.

She joins Ben Fordham to discuss the issue more.

“I want the information.

“I believe there’s a lot of corruption in these countries we’re giving foreign aid to and the taxpayers have a right to know where the money’s going.

Senator Hanson says she can’t fathom the decision when education in Australia is failing.

“Education here in Australia has actually failed dramatically.

“Our grades are dropping dramatically… yet we’re giving all this money to overseas.

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