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Patients urged to complain about expensive surgery fees to crackdown on dodgy doctors

The public is being urged to complain about dodgy dealings in the medical profession, with claims we’re being ripped off by dishonest doctors.

Some doctors and surgeons are taking advantage of their patients; inflating patient fees, splitting bills with other doctors and implementing illegal booking charges.

The topic was discussed in length at the Australian Medical Association conference over the weekend where there was a consensus that these dodgy practices need to be stamped out.

President of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons John Batten tells Chris Smith the public should shop around if they’re not happy with a price and complain if they think a cost is unfair.

“The patient needs to understand they have every right to question the fees and to ask the doctor as to why the fee is as it is.”

Dr Batten says they know the malpractice is rife, but, “the College has had remarkably few complaints about this maybe because the public feel it is due to private health insurance.”

The areas spotlighted as the most common to take part in fee exploitation are plastic, orthopedic and neurosurgery.

New South Wales is the area seeing this happen the most, with the largest gap known to have been charged being $27,000.

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