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‘You’ll have my support’: Alan Jones endorses successor Ben Fordham

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Broadcasting giant Alan Jones has given his breakfast show successor Ben Fordham a glowing endorsement.

Alan Jones today announced his retirement from radio, and current 2GB and 4BC Drive host Ben Fordham has been appointed to take over the 2GB Breakfast program from June 1.

Alan made the announcement to listeners this morning, and then joined Ben himself to reflect on his career and discuss what’s ahead for Ben.

“Getting up at 2:30 every morning for 35 years is a reasonable stint … this is probably the time to give someone else a go and move on,” Alan told listeners.

“You’ve got a young man here [in Fordham] who’s got energy, he’s got ideas, he’s got ability, he’s got ambition.

“All those things are the appropriate chemistry for success.”

“I’ve got some of the biggest shoes to fill that have ever been created in the history of radio,” Ben said.

“You’ll have my support in whatever way I may be able to provide it,” Alan responded.

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