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Paralympian has her car blocked by selfish motorcyclist

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A three-time Paralympian has written to Ray Hadley after encountering an incredibly selfish situation at Sydney Airport.

Kylie parked in the designated wheelchair spot but could barely get out of her car due to an inconsiderate motorcyclist.

The bike was parked in an illegal zone, right alongside the disabled spot, making it almost impossible for her to get out and get her wheelchair out of the back of the car.

“Hey Ray,

My name is Kylie, I have spoke to you many times. I am 3 x Paralympian in my chosen sport of w/c Bball.

I am heading to Perth today to play in our women’s national league. I parked my car at Sydney Domestic Airport in the allocated disabled car park spots.

Look what is parked in the no parking area, I couldn’t open my car door up fully & I just had enough room to get my wheelchair out.

See the photos!

Could you please get onto the relevant people & say this is not right!”

Ray Hadley says “it’s just not right” and promises to do whatever he can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“We’ll talk to the Sydney Airport corporation about making sure they police such matters.

“We can’t have disabled people being disadvantaged by inconsiderate people.”

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