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Paedophile gets less than two years for decade of abuse against stepdaughter

Ray Hadley reveals a convicted paedophile has been sentenced to just 20 months behind bars for the historical sexual abuse of his stepdaughter in Queensland.

The disgraceful sentence was handed down in the Brisbane District Court last week, prompting the victim’s partner to contact Ray.

The abuse began in the mid-1980s when the victim was just five-years-old and continued until the mid-1990s.

Over the years, she repeatedly went to police but was dismissed or told to come back with evidence.

Thankfully, police finally listened to her in 2016 and took action.

Her abuser was sentenced to just five years in jail with the sentence to be suspended after just 20 months.

To make matters worse, the listener tells Ray it’s not the paedophile’s first offence, having served time for offences against other young children a decade ago.

Judge Julie Dick SC cited the abuser’s age (83-years-old), his guilty plea and his confession as reasons for the light sentence.

Ray became quite emotional when detailing the story and the disgustingly lenient sentence handed down.

“I’m talking about the most horrific abuse of a small child you could possibly imagine.

“I’ve got the victim impact statement in front of me but I couldn’t share it with you, I just couldn’t. It would be inappropriate at this time of day to talk about what he did.

“It’d be easier for me to tell you what he didn’t do because he did everything to this kid.”

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