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‘Outrageous waste’: Clover Moore spends ratepayers’ money to oppose Pyrmont tower

Christine Forster has slammed Sydney Lord Mayor Clover­ Moore after she approved $60,000 of ratepayers’ money to be spent on a campaign against the Ritz-Carlton tower in Pyrmont.

The City of Sydney is opposing the proposed six-star hotel at The Star, which they say will provide more luxury apartments than hotel rooms.

The council­ approved spending $60,000 of ratepayers’ money to support the “voices of the community in opposition to the project”.

Those voices include just 83 of more than 5000 people who attended the public exhibition of the proposal.

Ms Moore has condemned an ad commissioned by The Star promoting the $500 million project, but those in favour say the tower will boost tourism with a five-level community centre and 15 restaurants and bars.

Ms Forster tells Steve Price the Lord Mayor should never have taken out the ad.

“The Lord Mayor put that to council last Monday, I voted against it of course.

“I think, frankly speaking, it’s an outrageous waste of ratepayers’ money, they should be offended by this.

“It flies in the face of what is a proper process.”

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Image of Clover Moore: Getty/Jennifer Polixenni Brankin