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Organisations ‘captured by feminists’, counsellor forced to quit for sharing domestic violence article

A counsellor is launching an unfair dismissal claim after he was allegedly forced to resign for sharing an article about domestic violence via social media and email.

The article summarised statistics on domestic violence, presenting research that both women and men can be perpetrators.

Rob shared the article on Facebook and his work email and was then reportedly hauled into the boss’s office at Relationships Australia WA (RAWA).

Rob was told he’d breached the RAWA’s policy, with the content of the article being the problem.

The author of the article in question, Bettina Arndt, says it took six months to finish the story because of the amount of research that went into gathering statistics.

She tells Ben Fordham organisations across the country are “promoting a feminist view of domestic violence” that isn’t accurate.

“They pushed him out. He was told, resign or get fired.

“This is not just about Rob. This is about the fact that our key organisations across Australia have been captured by feminists.”

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Find out more about Rob’s case and how you can support his claim here.