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Opposition leader denies using VIP hotline to dodge speeding fine: ‘I was not driving that car’

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The state Opposition Leader is calling for a police investigation after leaked documents revealed he used a VIP hotline to avoid a speeding fine.

Michael Daley received the fine for exceeding the speed limit by up to 10km/h in May last year, but says his wife Christina was the one driving.

Records revealed by the Sydney Morning Herald show Michael Daley’s office phoned a special hotline on August 3, seeking to have the penalty transferred to his wife.

The problem is, the hotline is supposed to be used for politicians to advocate on behalf of constituents not sort out personal matters.

The Labor leader is adamant that he was not behind the wheel, telling Ray Hadley he’s happy to provide photo evidence from the speed camera.

“I filled out a stat dec on the 30th of June. I was not driving that car. It was my wife’s car.”

But Ray is far more concerned that he and other politicians are misusing the hotline

“Why would your office make that phone call?” asks Ray.

“I don’t know the answer to that,” says Mr Daley.

“The two women who work in my office don’t recall that. It was nearly two years ago Ray.”

A month out from the state election, the alternate premier believes it is a deliberate smear campaign run by the Liberal Party.

“The fact that we’re having this conversation means that someone has breached the privacy act and trawled through details of citizens’ information.

“The reason I’m speaking to you know is because someone has broken the law.

“I’m referring this matter myself to the police.

“I’m writing to the head of ICAC because I think it’s crook. And I’m writing to the Premier.”

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