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Opal Tower report finds building has ‘major damage’

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The state government has issued a preliminary report which has found there is major damage to Sydney’s Opal Tower.

More than 300 residents were evacuated from the luxury highrise apartment block at Sydney Olympic Park on Christmas Eve after cracks were found in a concrete panel.

The Planning Minister commissioned the expertise of two engineers two assess the damage.

Their preliminary report has found there needs to be “significant rectification work” to repair, what they say, is “major damage”.

This includes faults in beams and cracks in concrete panels and floor plates on level 10 and level four.

Despite an extensive list of repairs, the building has been found to be structurally sound and not at risk of collapse.

The experts also recommended residents not return to the building until the issues have been rectified, but the builder Icon has told residents it’s safe to go home.

Former NSW Treasury Secretary Michael Lambert tells Ross Greenwood the fundamental problem.

“There’s no coordination between councils and the certifiers.”

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