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One man fighting to keep Sydney’s live music scene alive

John Graham is a man you probably haven’t heard of, but someone you should get behind.

He’s one of the only politicians fighting to save Sydney’s nightlife, particularly our live music scene.

As Alan Jones says, the Labor MP is a one-man band.

“In my opinion, he’s the hope of the side. One bloke who understands it and is raising the issue.”

Analysis shows the number of live music venues in Sydney fell by 61% in the decade to 2013.

A New South Wales parliamentary inquiry is being held into the music and arts economy in an effort to revive Sydney’s nightlife.

Mr Graham has been campaigning on the issue for six years and tells Alan the situation is dire.

“The Basement was the most concerning recent closure but when we looked behind the scenes at what’s been going on over 10 years, the number of venues has crashed 61%.

“Of course, that means less musicians playing and less places to go out and see music.”

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